What people are saying:

“Yoee has been a hit from the moment we got it as a gift.  It’s grown with our baby Leo from when he was only a few weeks old.  He’s now able to grab, hug and respond to Dad when we play with it together.  It always gets a smile.  Thanks Yoee Baby!”

- JP


It was really refreshing to see your sensory toys in the new inventor's area.  I am absolutely in love with the idea.

Stephanie Donahue, eCommerce Merchandising Manager, buybuyBaby


Phenomenal. We sell out and have re-ordered at least 4 or 5 times…It’s such a popular product!

Tom England, Owner, The Dancing Bear Toy Store


It’s one of my best selling products, bar none. It’s an innovative, functional parenting tool.

Don Hudson, Owner, Seahorses PDX


It’s one of our #1 baby gifts.

Joy Leavitt, Owner, Kiddlywinks Toy Store


I wish I had had one last weekend.  My grandson turned one year old and I was trying to tickle him with something that resembled a feather and he was cracking up!  I’M A BELIEVER!!!!

Terri Thompson

Rocket Rep


This is one of the most innovative juvenile product ideas I’ve seen.

Gene Murtha, former SVP, Mattel


We love your product and as an occupational therapist as well as a toy store owner it's an easy sell for me!

Kristen Pollard, Mud Puddles Toys


Everybody loves your product!!

Jodie Maoz

Associate Editor/Writer

Jewish Press/Olam Yehudi


I can’t express the love my family has for this toy. Literally has saved us from multiple break downs! I am amazed at how much Finley has taken to it in such a short time!

Britney, Yoee Baby Customer


We are happy to carry your product and so far it is a huge hit!

Scott Friedland

Timeless Toys, Ltd.


We purchased the kitty at Twinkle in Aspen last week and it's my 5 month old daughter's favorite toy!

Kayla V.


Joseph and I play with it daily and it always makes him smile and squeal with joy.

We both love it!

JoAnn K.


This toy is awesome!  She won't let go of it!

Andrew T.


I gave it as a gift and the mom is crazy about this toy!

Prue R.


Love your product.

Mary Olson

Rock Paper Scissors


I took a Yoee to my hosts in the Netherlands several weeks ago, and 7-month-old Frederika Brugmans wouldn't let go of it!

Leslie Donavan



Yoee Baby is the only brand on the market that promotes bonding and play from day one.