There have always been great Dads, but some kind of new pride is emerging. A renewed societal importance—a beauty and freedom to parent, as men. We knew Yoee Baby would be great for Dads, but now we can see the power of Yoee Baby as a tool for early connections, and early play—especially for Dads.


At Yoee Baby, we believe in the importance of early and sustained bonding between a father or male caregiver, and newborn. Making stronger connections, and finding more joy in the earliest days and weeks can change the world.


How often have we heard a new Dad say "I can't wait 'til my baby is ready to play."  We believe babies are born ready to play and this toy lets you start playing on Day One.


The birth of my two sons, and the subsequent bonds we formed, represent the most powerful experience of my life. We want you to have the same awesome experience. Here is the STORY of our first-born's adventurous trip to the hospital—it's not for the faint of heart.


Bill D,  Dad / Yoee Baby partner




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